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Having a microchip ID tag installed at Westbury Animal Hospital is one of the simplest forms of permanent identification. The benefits of a microchip ID far outweigh the costs - a few dollars hurts far less than the pain of losing a beloved friend.

The case for having your pet micro-chipped is a strong one, as the facts do not lie:

  • 30-60% of lost pets in shelters are euthanized because they cannot be properly identified and returned to their owner.
  • Only about 14% of dogs and 4% of cats who end up in shelters are returned to their rightful owners.
  • Less than 25% of all animals that enter shelters are adopted by new owners.
  • About 2 million pets that are reported missing each year may be victims of theft.
  • Collar tags are a great way to identify lost pets and reunite them with their owners, but they can easily come off or be removed.
  • Tattoos are difficult to remove from an animal, but they are still not 100% reliable. Tattoos can be altered, fade, or blur, and are not always easy to read.
  • Reading a microchip is far easier than trying to read the tattoo of a frightened stray animal.
  • Micro-chipping is permanent, completely unalterable, and does not change or harm the appearance of the animal in any way.
  • There are about 20,000 microchip scanners currently in use by shelters, veterinarians, and municipal organizations around the country.
  • The procedure is safe, inexpensive, fast and virtually painless for the animal.

We offer our clients the HOME AGAIN pet recovery system.


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