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There are many times when a thorough physical examination is not enough. Correct and early diagnosis is essential to provide proper treatment. We use a number of imaging procedures to aid in pinpointing problems.

Radiology and Ultrasonography equipment are available to give us that non-invasive look inside. Radiographs aid in the diagnosis of bone and many soft tissue problems. Ultrasonography gives superior imaging of most soft tissue, such as the heart, liver, gallbladder, prostate, kidney, and urinary bladder.

Electrocardiography (EKG) - Electrocardiograms help diagnose heart disease and detect and monitor arrhythmias of the heart caused by other problems.

Endoscopy - A bronchoscope, gastroscope, and proctoscope are available. The bronchoscope permits a non-invasive look inside the respiratory system. The gastroscope permits a non-invasive look inside the upper gastrointestinal tract, permits biopsies of the stomach and upper intestine, and often aids in non-surgical removal of stomach foreign bodies. The proctoscope aids in the diagnosis of colon and rectal disease.


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