Westbury Animal Hospital
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Preventative Medicines

Physical Examinations - Thorough physical examinations are a "trademark" of Westbury Animal Hospital. Early detection of health problems allows us to manage them more effectively and frequently prevents major problems. We stress the importance of these exams on all puppies and kittens, then again on an annual basis. Since pets age approximately seven times more rapidly than humans, older pets should be examined at least semi-annually.

Immunizations - Keeping your pet properly immunized against infectious disease is one of the most important things you can do to insure good health. However, we are also concerned that some current immunization recommendations are medically unsound and can be harmful to your pets. Our trained staff will recommend only those immunizations that are necessary to insure good health.

Parasite Control - Maintaining your pet on a recommended parasite control program will insure a happier and healthier life. Modern technology has provided us with very safe and effective drugs and medications to prevent heartworms, intestinal worms, fleas, ticks, and other external parasites. We will assist you in choosing the safest and most effective program for your pets.

Dental Care - Proper dental care can prevent painful gum disease and infected teeth. Maintaining a healthy mouth can help prolong many pet's lives since infections of the gums or teeth can be a source of infection to other major organs. Our staff recommends routine cleaning, polishing, and treatment of diseased teeth as appropriate for good health maintenance. You can create your own dental program by visiting Home Dental Care.

Nutrition - We are concerned about your pet's wellness and vitality; therefore, we will advise you on proper diet and nutritional needs for your pet.


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