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In-Home Euthanasia

We understand the decision to euthanize a four-legged family member is a difficult process, and we want to make that decision as peaceful and compassionate as possible. Westbury Animal Hospital does offer In-Home euthanasia services to established clients. If you and your family are considering an In-Home euthanasia experience, please schedule an in office consultation with your primary care veterinarian. This will allow our veterinarians to perform a physical exam, discuss any concerns in person regarding the euthanasia process, and go over aftercare options.

Due to the travel time required to get to your destination, we need at least 48 hours in advance to schedule the appropriate amount of time for your In-home visit.

We want the final moments of your four-legged family member to be as peaceful as possible. Every patient is unique and our veterinarians will develop a sedation protocol for your family member designed to reduce any stress. Our veterinarians will sedate and completely anesthetize every patient before the final injection is given so your beloved is as peaceful as possible. Once the final injection has been given, and our veterinarians will give you and your family time to spend with your beloved family member.

Once you are ready we will take care of all aftercare issues including transportation. There are several options for aftercare that will be discussed at the initial consultation. It can take 5 -7 days for all aftercare procedures to be addressed, including a Clay Paw memorial. Which is a disk of clay with the paw print impression of your beloved family member’s paw.


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