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                Dr. Alissa Koschany

Keeping track of your pet’s medical records is very important. Not only does it give you control over your pet’s information but can be very useful in emergency situations and during travel.

Medical record keeping goes beyond keeping up with vaccine history. Many owners do not think to keep copies of medication history or lab work. This information is vital if you are ever in an emergency situation. Having this information allows us to treat your pet more appropriately and avoids unnecessary medical expenses with repeat testing.

Things to keep track of:

  • Vaccine history (date of last vaccination and due date for next vaccines)
  • Diagnosis of illness and date of diagnosis
  • Current medications
  • Surgical history
  • Allergies

Technology has come a long way to help owners keep track of their pet’s records. There are now several aps available to help keep track of your pet’s records. They range from simple aps that keep up with vaccines to more complex aps.

For iPhone and iPad, Dog and Cat Medical Agenda can store all of your pet’s medical information such as (microchip, allergies, exams, surgeries and medications). You can also link your veterinarian’s contact information from your address book and store it for future use. The information can be password protected and e-mailed to family members or dog-sitters.

For Android and tablet users, Pet Master Pro is available. This app provides a daily log feature that can record diet history, weight and behavioral notes. This is helpful for pets with chronic illnesses (insulin dependent diabetics, chronic kidney disease etc) and pets on behavior modification plans. It also allows you to set alerts for upcoming appointments.

Whether you go low tech with a binder/folder or high tech with an app take control of your pet’s information with good record keeping. 


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