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Animals Need New Year’s Resolutions Too!

Emily Gaugh

While we are pondering what to plan for ourselves for this next year, why not decide on a few resolutions we can make for our pets to help them get a fresh start? Although we all wish our dogs would resolve to stop eating the cat’s poop or that the cat would stop being beholden to the can opener; there are things we can resolve to help our pets greet the New Year with open paws! Below are some of the more common resolutions most pet owners will make and tips to help you succeed.


Resolution #1: I resolve to remember my pet’s monthly preventative when it is due.


  1. Download an app on your Smartphone to send reminders. Heartgard has a great application. Even if your pet is not on their brand, the app still works!
  2. Designate one family member to be in charge of the preventative so there are no assumptions.
  3. Purchase a year supply of prevention at a time so you do not run out half way through the year.
  4. Utilize that calendar on the back of the box or make your own.

Resolution #2: I resolve to help my pet get healthier in weight.

This is a tricky resolution! Consider the following alternatives:

  1. I resolve to make an appointment with my vet for a nutrition consult and weight loss plan.
  2. I resolve to begin measuring my pet’s food daily to ensure they are not overeating.
  3. I resolve to stop giving Fido a piece of my dinner every night.


  1. Have your veterinarian calculate your pet’s calorie requirements and recommend a diet.
  2. Purchase a measuring cup for your pet’s food.
  3. Even if your pet has a backyard, choose to take your pet on a walk for their elimination needs. It is a win-win situation for pet and owner to get more exercise!
  4. Weigh your pet bi-weekly and chart your progress.
  5. Find a friend with an obese pet to help hold each other accountable.

Resolution #3: I resolve to brush my pet’s teeth daily. Even if I have a cat!


  1. Check out our website for a video on how to brush. Remember if you do not brush more than 3 times a week, you are not preventing tartar development.
  2. Start small by offering your pet the animal friendly toothpaste as a treat at the same time every day. They will then seek you out to remind you it is time for their treat and brushing!
  3. Remind yourself that daily brushing can save you money by preventing dental disease!


Resolution #4: I resolve to ________. (Choose one health concern to work on this year)

Some examples; teach your pet how to sit on command, or brush out those mats before they begin!


  1. Reach out to resources available to you. Speak to behavior trainers or your veterinarian.
  2. For ambitious folks, choose a simple goal to conquer each month and mark it on the calendar.

Good luck and have a Happy New Year!


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