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Monday, September 16, 2013

Belle’s Story

Being the mascot of Westbury Animal Hospital, I get to know the wonderful dogs and cats that come through as patients. Sometimes, these pets have serious operations or are very sick and do not get the recognition they deserve for being brave and a real trooper through tough times.

I want to share with you Belle’s story. Belle was here 2 weeks ago.  She is a 4 year old female Australian Shepherd mix who came in for vomiting. The doctors were suspicious of an obstruction in her intestines.

Belle’s case was a little hard to diagnose as she was not painful when you pushed on her belly and her x-rays were not definitive so they had to run some extra tests to ensure there was something indeed stuck in her belly.

The technicians had to feed a type of liquid called barium to Belle that would highlight any problems as it passed through the intestines. Radiographs were taken in sequence to see if the liquid would pass and not get caught up on a foreign body. After two hours, the liquid should have passed all the way through the body, but it did not even go past the stomach! 

Below are her radiographs:


Belle needed to be taken to surgery that night.

And viola! A foreign body was removed! It resembled a type of pit from a tree or fruit. The foreign body was stuck in her intestines just before the cecum which is so narrow the pit would never have passed on its own.

Luckily, Belle did not need more repairs done to her intestines other than removing the obstruction.

Belle had to stay in the hospital for for 3 days to ensure she was healing normally and ready to go home. She had to wear a silly looking cone until her sutures came out.

Belle is a great patient! We are so happy she did so well!


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