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Annie's Shenanigans

Breed Highlighting- The Pomeranian

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Meet Taz and Bo! Two wonderful patients who graciously volunteered to represent the Pomeranian breed! 

Fun Facts:
1. Pomeranians originated by select breeding of sled dogs from Iceland that were developed in Pomerania, Germany

2. A Pomeranian survived the sinking of the Titanic! This dog belonged to Miss Margaret Hays (in lifeboat 7). Miss Hays survived as well.

3. Theodore Roosevelt owned a Pomeranian.

4. Hereditary defect is a luxating patella, which is also common in other small breed dogs.

5. They are good watch dogs, and will alert you to any noise outside the house.

6. Pomeranian’s come in many different sizes as well as COLORS! Here’s a list of all the different colors a Pomeranian can come in. Sable, RedOrangeCreamBrown and BlackTan or White Wolf Sable, ChocolateBrindleMerleLavender (Very Rare)Blue Pomeranian (It’s fur will be a dull black color but his nose will have actual blue color on it. His eyes may also be blue. ) 

7. They live a long time! Usually 12-16 years.


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