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Annie's Shenanigans

Halloween Trick or Treaters

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Thanks to all the wonderful pets who showed up in costume. Here are some of the highlights!

 Chloe the Ballerina

 Zsa Zsa Noelle and Valentine Chanelle as pretty pumpkins

Kazuma the Bee

Octobers Top Dawg Winner

Wednesday, October 08, 2014
Congratulations to Cristine!

Cristine has been working at Westbury Animal Hospital for 2 months after moving here from College Station. Cristine is a wonderful new addition and is quickly making a name for herself. 

Cristine is awarded the Annie's Top Dawg Award this month for her excellent team work and patient care. 

Thank you Cristine for going above and beyond for Westbury!

Congratulations to Sergio

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Congratulations to Sergio!

Sergio is September's winner of the Annie's Top Dawg Award for going above and beyond for patient care, customer service, and teamwork!

Sergio has been working at Westbury Animal Hospital for 2 1/2 years as an Animal Care Taker. Sergio was nominated by his peers for his work ethic, professionalism and courtesy, his team attitude, and his attention to detail. 

Sergio has been complimented to management by many clients who enjoy his kindness and caring abilities with pets. 

Over the 2 1/2 years that Sergio has worked with Westbury, he has literally saved the lives of at least 3 boarders who were suffering from severe illnesses that Sergio picked up on and brought the pet to the attention of a doctor. Sometimes the most subtle changes in a pet is an indicator of a serious problem. His actions are that of a true animal lover.

We thank you Sergio for your positive attitude, your drive to do your best every day and for being a true team player!

Congratulations to Chelsea

Friday, August 08, 2014
Annie's Top Dawg Winner for August
Congratulations Chelsea for going above and beyond!

Chelsea has been working at Westbury for 2 years as an Animal Care Taker and then she moved to work as an exam room assistant. Here is what her peers are saying about her:

Chelsea has gone above and beyond by assisting CSR’s with challenging client interactions, she has been a big help to her team lead with accomplishing tasks to help Westbury excel, being a team player and knowing when other colleagues are in need of a break and offering to help them in anyway she can (even if that means bringing them lunch, covering the front desk, or holding pets)

We thank you Chelsea for your positive attitude, your drive to do your best every day, and to try new things! Way to go Chelsea!

Also to note, pictured with Chelsea today is Lorenzo a wonderful Labrador puppy who donated blood this month to save a life so if there was a Top Dawg Award for pets, it would go to Lorenzo!

Heat Stress

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The weather is getting warmer and everyone is enjoying the outdoors. I personally enjoy the dog park and laying on the patio for hours watching dogs walk by. 

However, owners need to be very careful in this part of the country with high incidences of heat stress. 

Check out this link to our "The Heat is On!" article by Dr. Betzen on common issues and signs of heat stress

Heat Stress

Please keep these tips in mind:

1. Never leave animals in a car unattended even for a few minutes. 

2. Always provide shade and water for pets outside

3. Walk and jog your pets in the very early hours of the morning

4. If you suspect even mild heat stress in your pet wrap them in a towel doused in cool (not cold) water and bring them to the veterinarian immediately!

Congratulations to Yvette

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
June 2014 Top Dawg Award Winner

Annie’s peers have made their selection! Congratulations to Yvette!

Yvette is a very deserving Top Dawg winner and has been a runner up for several months. Yvette has been working as a technician at Westbury for 2 years and has worked in both the surgery department and the ICU.

Yvette has been nominated by her peers for her work ethic, leadership, and professionalism. She is very focused on patient care and ensuring that every animal gets her full attention and the best treatment possible. This year Yvette has had to make a change in her role in the hospital and she has done so with great skill; getting to know her new role and excelling at all she does.

Yvette is very dedicated to her duties and ALWAYS gives 100%. Her peers recognize this drive and thank her for her hard work. Yvette keeps great notes on all her hospitalized charges and is fully knowledgeable about each case when rounding with doctors and other technicians. Her attention to detail is outstanding.

On another note, Yvette has been mentioned several times in reviews by clients who appreciate her kindness and patience when discharging animals or giving updates over the phone.

Thank you Yvette for going above and beyond for Westbuy!

Discussing the Disgusting

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hanging around the veterinary clinic, I get to hear a lot of the common questions asked by pet owners. I wanted to take the time over the next few weeks to answer your questions for the public to learn from too.

Common Question of the Week: Why does my dog eat poop and how can I stop it??

I'm not going to lie. I LOVE POOP! Cat fecal matter is my specialty, especially the ones that are fresh and tasty, but I digress...this is a common habit, and only a habit. 

Many people are afraid this means their dog is lacking an essential nutrient from their diet, but this is likely not the cause. It is true that a very small percentage of dogs can develop coprophagia, or eating stool, from medical issues such as a poor nutrition, but most case are behavioral.

Most pets enjoy eating feces, sometimes out of boredom, sometimes because we have a big appetite, and sometimes we just like the disgusted reaction on your face. Some dogs will eat their own feces when scolded during potty training to hide the evidence. 

The easiest way to solve this problem is to pick up your pets poop after they defecate outside, keep the litter box in an unattainable place to everyone but the cat, perhaps by elevating it or using baby gates. 

Another option is to seek help from a behavioral dog trainer. One tip I often hear is to train your pet after eliminating to come to you and sit for a treat. They will then focus on coming for treats instead of scavenging the area for other sources of "cookies". 

And last but not least, another option is to try some over the counter products to add to your pets food to make the poop even more less tasty than you humans think it already is...but that is not a guarantee. 

The biggest concern that can come from eating the stinky's is intestinal parasite contamination from unknown pets. If your pet is a big stool eater consider having them tested for parasites regularly.

Hope this helps battle your frustrations, although if I had my way I would choose those yummy cat snacks any day of the week

Congratulations to Vanessa

Friday, March 14, 2014

Annie’s peers have made their selection! Congratulations to Vanessa Aguilar for winning Annie's Top Dawg Award for March!

Vanessa is a very deserving Top Dawg winner and has been a runner up for several months. Vanessa has been a very quiet and humble worker who does so much for the hospital that may go undetected.

Vanessa has been working at Westbury as a CSR for almost 8 years! She is the leader of our spirit committee and often gives us her time even when she is not supposed to be working that day. Vanessa is a great leader and works very hard to keep Westbury a place of happiness, celebration, and to give us a sense of community.

Vanessa is a great CSR, and always makes out clients feel welcome. She runs almost all of our special events with the help of the spirit team, ensures we have goodies when needed and will clean and set up the break room for all to enjoy. Vanessa has been very innovative in finding ways to keep us motivated and remembering work can be fun! 

Thank you Vanessa for going above and beyond for Westbury!

Lily Toxicity in Cats

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

There are a lot of household items that owners forget can be a source of toxicity to our pets. Thigpen (named after the "Peanuts" character), has allowed us to use him as a case example this month for lily toxicity. 

There are many different types of lilies, and while beautiful to have in flower arrangements, many of them have different toxic effects on cats. See the different concerns below:

Lily of the Valley: Cardiac Arrhythmias

Calla LilyThese plants contain calcium oxalate needles throughout the plant. The irritation from these crystals result swelling of the gums and foaming the mouth. Luckily this is the least toxic of the lily family, but can still cause some pain.

Day Lily, Easter Lily, Tiger Lily: These lilies can cause acute renal failure and death. All parts of the plant are toxic, even the pollen. 

This is Thig, a very affectionate and loving cat who decided a day lily was his food item of choice. Thig was very fortunate that his owner discovered the eaten plants quickly and sought treatment for him right away. Thig stayed in the hospital for 2 days for a decontamination period to prevent any toxic effects and went home no worse for the wear. 

If your cat is suspected of ingesting lilies, it is recommended to seek veterinary care immediately for further recommendations. 

Congratulations to Robert

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Annie’s peers have made their selection! Congratulations to Robert!

Robert is one of our newer technicians, but already he is making a name for himself with his fellow co-workers as being a Top Dawg! Robert has shined this month for always being willing to help anyone and everyone. Robert has shown true compassion for animals by his ability to care for their medical and emotional needs.

Robert is a self starter, who is always working hard to make the hospital better. Robert is not afraid to get his hands dirty and help out even with the most mundane tasks without being asked. In addition, Robert has worked hard to learn more about his clients medical issues as well as learning to be efficient in his “new” daily duties. Clients have already made a connection with Robert as he is very in tune with clients needs. Members of our CSR team give testament to Robert making sure clients and patients are happy when they leave.

Thank you Robert for going above and beyond this month and ensuring 100% client satisfaction!  


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