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Lumps and Bumps

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Have you recently given your pet a massage and found a new lump or bump that you didn't know was there before? I have seen so many animals come in for this problem and wanted to give you a heads up on what this means!

Lumps and Bumps can comprise one of three things:

1. A bug bite or other inflammatory reaction such as an abscess or response to a foreign puncture

2. Residual effects of a recent vaccination. These lumps can be present for up to 3 months following a vaccination at times. It is important to follow the "3-2-1 Rule". Seek veterinary advice if the lump has been there longer than three months, is greater than two centimeters or is growing in one month time. 

3. A benign growth. These are usually things like cysts or fatty lipomas

4. A malignant growth. These can be very significant and can look like anything. It is important to have a veterinarian check to ensure your pets lump is not in this category. 

What Your Veterinarian May Want to Do:

1. Your pet will be fully examined to determine how to proceed and decide if there are other health issues relating the new mass. 

2. A Fine Needle Aspirate: This is where a needle is poked into the mass and the cells obtained from the lump are examined under a microscope. This can be helpful to determine whether the mass needs to be removed. 

3. A biopsy or removal of the mass to help determine its type and grade of malignancy or likelihood to spread throughout the body. 

When you find a new lump, call and schedule and appointment with your veterinarian. Always note where the mass is located and notate this location with a permanent marker or nail polish if it is difficult to find. We want to make sure we can find the lump again at the time of the appointment. 


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