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10 Tips for Avoiding the Firework Frenzy

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Fourth of July is drawing near. Here are some good tips to keep your pet happy and safe this holiday!

1. Keep your pet secure and safe indoors. The 4th of July and New Years are the biggest holidays for finding pets wandering the streets or filling up the shelters. Not all pets are anxious around loud noises, but it is easy to for pets to get out while you are busy barbecuing.

2. Ensure your pets collar and tags are on the pet in the event of an escape.

3. Turn up the TV to potentially drain out some of the noise. 

4. If this is your pets first 4th of July, try making it a positive experience where you can distract them with games and toys in a quiet safe place during the noisy parts so they are less likely to develop a fear. It is best to prevent phobias before they start.

5. Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended

6. Keep pets away from citronella candles and substances

7. Beware of the "garbage gut" if you pets get a hold of left over table scraps on purpose or not!

8. Pets should never be around fireworks. Even when unlit they can be hazardous if swallowed or toxic if chewed on.

9. Crowded, loud firework display are not fun for your pet. 

10. Do a safe sweep of the yard the next morning to check for any remains of the fireworks or picnic to ensure nothing is left for your pet to ingest. 


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