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Annie's Shenanigans

Handling the unwanted creatures in your yard

Friday, May 08, 2015

Recently I have been the repeated victim of attacks coming from a feral cat in the neighborhood. My curious nose and naive encounters with anything other than a friendly feline have left me shocked that there are cats out there who do not enjoy my company. I have to admit I have been found crying out and rolled onto my back in submission while being chased by this ferocious feline. 

However, for every story there is always two sides! With a little more looking it turns out this feral cat has been harboring kittens in the fence and her attempts to take my life have only been self-defense for her newborn babies. 

Tips to handling unwanted feral cats:

1. Check with your neighbors to find out if anyone owns this pet, especially if you as a human can approach the cat.

2. You can contact animal control or consider working with your neighbors to safely trap the cat and any possible kittens in a live trap for safe transport to the humane society or local shelter.

3. By trapping the cat yourself you can take the initiative to have the cat neutered/spayed, and release them back to the neighborhood with proper vaccines and flea control. By releasing the now altered pet back they will prevent other feral cats from taking over their territory.

Avoid feeding feral cats in your neighborhood unless you want to catch them or take care of them properly with complete wellness requirements. 

Feral cats harbor lots of disease that can be spread to you or your pets. These include fleas, intestinal worms, and viruses such as leukemia, FIV, herpesvirus, and of course rabies. By feeding these pets you are enabling them to spread more disease and shed flea eggs through your neighbors yards. Feral cats in the yard can also be a source of stress to healthy indoor cats. You may find your normally compliant house pet now urinating all over your house or vomiting on your carpet. 

The feral cat population in Houston is astronomical. Take these steps to help make happier, healthier communities!


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