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National Pet Identification Week

Monday, April 22, 2013

Last week was National Pet Identification Week. Many pet owners choose to have their pets microchipped to help identify them if they get lost. My microchip is important in the event that I were to escape and if my collar containing  my ID badge were to fall off or be removed. 

From a personal standpoint, Westbury probably gets 2-3 animals a week that are found lost on the streets. People bring these animals to us to be scanned for a microchip in hopes of finding their owner. Roughly 5% of these strays are found to have a microchip and are easily and quickly reunited with their owners. It is always a happy moment when that microchip is found and we know that pet can go home. 

Microchipping is an easy process involving one injection that will insert the small chip under the skin. This chip will remain under the skin for the life of the pet. Westbury uses a "universal" microchip  which means it can be detected by any scanner. All veterinary clinics and shelters have scanners to help redirect lost pets. 

Many times the microchip can be implanted as an appointment procedure, but if your pet is about to have a surgical procedure such as being spayed or neutered you may choose to have the microchip done at this time especially if your pet is very small. Don't forget about your cats! Especially if they are outdoors. Cats have a tendency to lose their break-away collars easily and may need more in the way of identification. 


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