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Current Cases: Bo Eckermann

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bo and I have become great friends over the past few years as we are both rescued pets who ended up in a doctor’s home. Dr. Eckermann rescued Bo (full name Boo Radley) and we often spend the days together at the clinic.

Recently, Bo had a serious and very painful condition when a disk in his spine began to protrude and invade the spinal column. This is a common condition in certain breeds such as Dachshunds, Corgis, Beagles, and other long backed dogs. Sometimes, in older pets, it can occur in any breed.

Dogs who suffer from this condition can present with different symptoms. Usually these pets will have severe back or neck pain, and sometimes their disk can cause damage to the spinal column causing them to walk with a "drunken" gait, or not walk at all. These problems can be a time sensitive issue, and should be seen on emergency to get diagnosed. 

Bo began becoming very painful in his neck and would cry out if he turned a certain way. His daddy started him on some medications for the inflammation and pain to make him comfortable. After several weeks of medical management, Bo was still uncomfortable and had to be sent off to a neurologist at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists for an MRI.

Below is an image of an MRI from a pet with the same problem that Bo had. The neurologists placed a special dye material into the spine to show up on the pictures from the MRI. Note the area where the dye is missing. This is space taken up by a herniated disk.

Bo was taken to surgery that day and the offending disk was removed. Now Bo is back to his normal self and feeling great! I have to be careful when we play because Bo is still recovering and will always be at risk for more ruptures. Thank you Gulf Coast staff and doctors for taking such good care of Bo!


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