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Cats can get heartworms too

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hello Blog Followers!

I just love every month when my persons give me a big lump of peanut butter with my heartworm medication to keep me healthy. It is a delicious treat! My parents even have fun reminders set on their phone that will bark at them every month to remind them of my treat... Sometimes the barking startles me and I bark back, but that's another issue...

Did you know that cats can get heartworm disease too? It is true that cats are more resistant to getting infected but they are susceptible none the less! And to top it all off there is no medical treatment for cats! Many cats will die suddenly from heartworm disease when they go into acute respiratory distress and no one was the wiser!

Some cats will have subtle signs for years such as coughing, weight loss, or even infrequent vomiting. It is recommended that all cats stay on monthly heartworm prevention in this part of the world, even if they are indoors. Don't mess with the deadly diseases! Get those feline friends on some prevention!

Check out more information about feline heartworm disease here:


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