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Annie's Shenanigans

September Annies Top Dawg Award Winner

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Congratulations to Latoyia!!

Latoyia has been a wonderful employee at Westbury Animal Hospital for 5 years. She began working here as an Animal Care Taker and even worked as their AM shift leader. Latoyia then moved into the role of a veterinary assistant.

This month, Latoyia has been chosen for going above and beyond to enhance customer service. When seeing a client in need, Latoyia selflessly offered to go to his home and assist in medicating his pet as this client was physically unable to give his dog eye drops on his own. While this is an act done outside of the Westbury clinic, we still acknowledge Latoyia for assisting our community and helping animals in need.  

Latoyia is invaluable as an exam room assistant where she is very meticulous on being well prepared and one of the most efficient employees. Usually we do not even need to ask Latoyia to complete a task because she has already foreseen what needs to be done. We appreciate your initiative and hard work Latoyia!

Latoyia was also favorably mentioned this month within our client evaluation forms as being a pleasant addition to this clients visit.


Annies Top Dawg Award Winner for July

Friday, July 05, 2013

Congratulations to Rachel!

Rachel is one of our veterinary technicians, specifically working in the intensive care unit at Westbury. She is a great example of all of the wonderful technicians at Westbury and a model of how hard they all work.

Rachel is well known for her 100% positive attitude. She is always willing to help and never hesitates to offer her assistance when she can. Her peers feel that Rachel is deserving of this award because she is a hard worker and is always very attentive of the animals in ICU. She knows what is going on with each animal, and will always be persistent in getting help when an animal is not doing well. If you ask Rachel a question about her “charges” she will either know exactly what is going on with them, or if she does not know she will go to all efforts to find out.

Rachel was also a great help in a case this month where a dog perforated his stomach and she picked up on subtle signs that he was not doing well. Her attention to detail may have saved this dogs life.

10 Tips for Avoiding the Firework Frenzy

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Fourth of July is drawing near. Here are some good tips to keep your pet happy and safe this holiday!

1. Keep your pet secure and safe indoors. The 4th of July and New Years are the biggest holidays for finding pets wandering the streets or filling up the shelters. Not all pets are anxious around loud noises, but it is easy to for pets to get out while you are busy barbecuing.

2. Ensure your pets collar and tags are on the pet in the event of an escape.

3. Turn up the TV to potentially drain out some of the noise. 

4. If this is your pets first 4th of July, try making it a positive experience where you can distract them with games and toys in a quiet safe place during the noisy parts so they are less likely to develop a fear. It is best to prevent phobias before they start.

5. Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended

6. Keep pets away from citronella candles and substances

7. Beware of the "garbage gut" if you pets get a hold of left over table scraps on purpose or not!

8. Pets should never be around fireworks. Even when unlit they can be hazardous if swallowed or toxic if chewed on.

9. Crowded, loud firework display are not fun for your pet. 

10. Do a safe sweep of the yard the next morning to check for any remains of the fireworks or picnic to ensure nothing is left for your pet to ingest. 

The Heat is upon us

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I was at the Westbury spa the other day getting my mani/pedi and anal gland cleaning when I was chatting it up with some of the other ladies having their hair washed. It turns out I am not the only pup on this block who gets really hot foot pads when walking in the parking lot and sidewalks since it has been so hot lately.

Did you know that if it is 95 degrees outside, it can be close to 125 degrees on cement?? My poor pads get a little sore and I prefer to walk on the grass in the shade. Speaking of heat let me tell you a little about heat stroke as this is such a big concern this time of year. There are three main things you need to know:

  1. Brachycephalic breed dogs cannot tolerate heat. Brachycephalic is a big word for short nosed dogs such as Pugs, Bull dogs, Boston terriers, and Frenchies. Their airways cannot sustain them in the heat the way other breeds can. Dogs have to pant to cool their bodies and these dogs just can’t keep up.
  2. Dogs have fur. Their coat can become just as hot has those cement tops on a semi warm day. Even if dogs could sweat like people, their fur coats trap in that moisture and heat to make them even warmer.
  3. Never leave your dog in a car. Car temperatures in this Houston heat can soar within a matter of MINUTES.

Just keep in mind that you need to provide shade, limit exposure outdoors when it is hot, and always provide water.

The following are some common signs of heat stress:

1. Excessive panting

2. Drooling

3. Restlessness or pacing

4. Vomiting/Diarrhea

5. Collapse

Lumps and Bumps

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Have you recently given your pet a massage and found a new lump or bump that you didn't know was there before? I have seen so many animals come in for this problem and wanted to give you a heads up on what this means!

Lumps and Bumps can comprise one of three things:

1. A bug bite or other inflammatory reaction such as an abscess or response to a foreign puncture

2. Residual effects of a recent vaccination. These lumps can be present for up to 3 months following a vaccination at times. It is important to follow the "3-2-1 Rule". Seek veterinary advice if the lump has been there longer than three months, is greater than two centimeters or is growing in one month time. 

3. A benign growth. These are usually things like cysts or fatty lipomas

4. A malignant growth. These can be very significant and can look like anything. It is important to have a veterinarian check to ensure your pets lump is not in this category. 

What Your Veterinarian May Want to Do:

1. Your pet will be fully examined to determine how to proceed and decide if there are other health issues relating the new mass. 

2. A Fine Needle Aspirate: This is where a needle is poked into the mass and the cells obtained from the lump are examined under a microscope. This can be helpful to determine whether the mass needs to be removed. 

3. A biopsy or removal of the mass to help determine its type and grade of malignancy or likelihood to spread throughout the body. 

When you find a new lump, call and schedule and appointment with your veterinarian. Always note where the mass is located and notate this location with a permanent marker or nail polish if it is difficult to find. We want to make sure we can find the lump again at the time of the appointment. 

Annies Top Dawg Award Winner for June

Monday, June 03, 2013

Congratulations to Charlette!!

Annie has made her selection for the month of June! Charlette is our top dawg award winner. Winners of this award are chosen by their peers and selected for enhancing customer service, going above and beyond or showing great care and compassion.

Charlette is a member of our client service representatives and has shown great customer service during this month and we want to thank her for her dedication and hard work. She was able to work with many clients who were having financial difficulties and specifically assist a long time client in setting up a more stable financial plan. This is a great example of how Charlette always takes the initiative to better the clinic, and manage difficult situations that can be uncomfortable to manage and easy to just avoid. Charlette is also great with customers and I think we can all agree we love to hear her voice shouting, “GOOD MORNING!” across the bull pen speaker phone when she starts her shifts. Charlette always remains positive and we appreciate her dedication in planning some of our clinic parties as well.

Be sure to congratulate Charlette next time you see her!

Top Dawg Award

Friday, April 26, 2013

I am starting a new tradition off this month with a great leading example. Each month I am going to choose a recipient of the Top Dawg Award for staff members who have either shined in compassionate care, enhancing customer service, or gone above and beyond in their duties. Being behind the scenes I have gotten to know the staff well and think they deserve some special recognition!

This month's winner is Darius. Darius is part of the great team of animal care takers. He assists with our boarding program, bathing program, and helps care for the dogs staying in the hospital. Westbury Animal Hospital relies heavily on these persons to take good care of our animal companions. Darius was nominated for the Annie's Top Dawg Award because of his special ability to pick up on subtle illnesses in pets. Specifically, Darius was checking on one of the boarders a few weeks ago and noticed that one of the dogs was just "breathing a little heavier" than a normal dog who is resting in their cage. Darius had the foresight to bring this pet to the doctor's attention and a serious heart condition was discovered that would have otherwise been missed by the owners who did not note the abnormal breathing. Thank you Darius for your compassion and attention to detail!

There are many animal care takers on our team who have noted boarders needing medical assistance while boarding and Darius is a great example of how hard they work to do their best! Good job team!

Dr. Pepper at Westbury?

Friday, October 12, 2012

What kind of Doctor is Dr. Pepper??? Perhaps it is a veterinarian??

Who cares! A cart of yummy soda pop is welcome anytime! Thanks to people like Janet Huey and Charlotte for bringing in such special treats. Don’t let the word get out but I have seen certain doctors here *cough* Dr. Chalkley *cough* work hard if there is a Dr. Pepper in the deal!

These wonderful persons are part of “Janet Huey’s pet rescue group”. Janet has a great relationship with Westbury and other local veterinarians and is always bringing by fostered boys and girls for the doctors at Westbury to examine and treat. If it wasn’t for her these heartworm positive pets would be sick or homeless!

Janet also has a business called Pet Stuff Resale you can visit her blog at www.petstuffresale.blogspot.com.

Embrassing Photos - Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I’m SO Embarrassed

Mom! How could you put all of my embarrassing baby photos on the web??? Please folks ignore my over sized wormy belly and my sad puppy dog eyes. There is no excuse for my fluffy cuteness!


When I first was abandoned at Westbury everyone thought I was among a litter of Labrador retriever puppies. We were too small to know for sure. 

For the first 4 weeks of life I lived at Westbury and was bottle fed by all the staff members there. They took such good care of me and nursed me through any sickness and made sure I stayed warm and clean. Thank to everyone who gave me a great start in life! 

Man, was I a big surprise when my ears started growing long and getting curly!! Everyone would tease my mom for owning a cocker spaniel, but she knew deep down I was beautiful no matter what breed I turned into!


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