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CPR Training

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So I was watching Grey's anatomy the other night and am always amazed at how many lives are saved after they code on the show. It turns out the in reality, only 17% of humans that code will survive after receiving CPR and only 6-9% of animals will survive to be discharged from the hospital. 

Last week the technicians were able to have a training seminar on CPR. It is important to always brush up on such important skills that can be used in an emergency situation. CPR is used on animals who either stop breathing or their heart stops beating. The technician team was able to practice proper heart compressions, practicing intubating animals on their sides (not the normal position), as well as reviewing the most current information on CPR statistics, drug usage, and post resuscitation care. The practice session is a great review and was done in a pretend setting. 

Our technician team is great and we appreciate that they are always eager to learn new things. 


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