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Annie's Shenanigans

Top Dawg Award

Westbury Animal Hospital - Friday, April 26, 2013

I am starting a new tradition off this month with a great leading example. Each month I am going to choose a recipient of the Top Dawg Award for staff members who have either shined in compassionate care, enhancing customer service, or gone above and beyond in their duties. Being behind the scenes I have gotten to know the staff well and think they deserve some special recognition!

This month's winner is Darius. Darius is part of the great team of animal care takers. He assists with our boarding program, bathing program, and helps care for the dogs staying in the hospital. Westbury Animal Hospital relies heavily on these persons to take good care of our animal companions. Darius was nominated for the Annie's Top Dawg Award because of his special ability to pick up on subtle illnesses in pets. Specifically, Darius was checking on one of the boarders a few weeks ago and noticed that one of the dogs was just "breathing a little heavier" than a normal dog who is resting in their cage. Darius had the foresight to bring this pet to the doctor's attention and a serious heart condition was discovered that would have otherwise been missed by the owners who did not note the abnormal breathing. Thank you Darius for your compassion and attention to detail!

There are many animal care takers on our team who have noted boarders needing medical assistance while boarding and Darius is a great example of how hard they work to do their best! Good job team!


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