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Annie's Shenanigans

Melts in your mouth not in theirs

Westbury Animal Hospital - Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Happy Valentine's day to all the pet lovers out there! I love valentines day especially the extra treats my owners bring home for me and sometimes I may even get a new stuffed toy to rip to pieces! Ah, love is in the air. 

Not all joyous treats are safe for us animals though so lets keep in mind some special safety tips for this February Holiday!

1. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats! Keep your boxes of truffles well out of reach, or better yet, eat them all quickly so they are never in the house!

2. Flower Arrangements. Beautiful. Also potentially poisonous or a concern for allergens. Make sure especially if you have cats to not include lilies in your bouquets. 

3. Sweets: Many candied sweets and gums contain xylitol which can cause a severe drop in blood sugar in pets if they chew on these items. 

4. Candles: Feel free to set the mood, just keep the pets out of the way. We don't want them getting burned or inadvertently knocking candles over and setting fires.

Be sure to spread your love to your pets this next week. They give you love every day of the year!

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