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June Top Dawg

Westbury Animal Hospital - Monday, June 20, 2016

Congratulations to Stephanie!

Stephanie has been working as a technician assistant for almost a year at Westbury. She has been nominated several times this month as a hard at work team player that often goes unnoticed due to her quiet polite attitude and busy bee work ethic. We are so appreciative of how much she does for the hospital and don’t want her hard work to go unnoticed any longer!


Stephanie been a big help to the technicians wrapping surgical packs, keeping equipment sterilized, cleaning and often working a lot with medical boarders, among so many other things.

One nomination also sums up Stephanie’s wonderful work ethic:

Thank you for always taking great care of every patient you interact with. It really makes patients less fearful and more comfortable in the hospital when we take time to show them affection and not just interact with them when we are poking them or taking a temp. Your attention to detail around the hospital doesn't go unnoticed. Keep up the great work!”


Thank you Stephanie! Keep up the good work!


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