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Help your pet beat those back to school blues

Westbury Animal Hospital - Friday, September 07, 2018

Kids are not the only ones fighting the back to school blues. Pets can feel left out and depressed from missing their human counterparts this time of year. Between the long school day, after school activities and late night PTA meetings, pets can take a back seat for too long. Here are some tips to keep them feeling included and stress free. 

Keep them Calm:

There are several products on the market for helping with stress naturally. For cats we enjoy Feliway, Sentry calming collars or treats containing tryptophan and chamomile. For dogs, a good suggestion is DAP collars or diffusrs or other thiamine containing treats you can find at pet stores. If your pet is more destructive or has fear anxiety concerns speak to your veterinarian about behavior modifying techniques. 

Keep them Busy:

Pets get restless and destructive when they are bored. Invest in some good enrichment while you are gone for the day. The best investment would be a pet walker or sitter who can get your pet some exercise or playtime. Alternatives include Kong toys or activity toys that keep your pet engaged and rewarded while they play. A good suggestion is the Bob-A-lot treat dispenser for dogs or catnip for cats. 


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