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Happy Healthy Cat Month

Westbury Animal Hospital - Monday, August 27, 2018

September  is Happy Healthy Cat Month!

This month we should be thinking a little more in depth on how we can ensure our cats not only have a long life but one full of comfort and enrichment. You wouldn't go to the pet store and bring home a new fish without a bowl...water...those water drops...a mini sandcastle...food...etc...etc. The same sort of thought should go into what a cat needs. Cats are natural climbers. They enjoy being up high on a perch to prevent stress. We all know a stressed out cat will be urinating on our beds. I'm not saying build one of those amazing cat rooms you see on Pinterest, but a tall cat tree is almost a necessity for a cats well being. 

Because cats can be stressed so easily, and the majority of the time go unnoticed by owners, please keep these suggestions in mind: 

1. Every household needs one litter box per cat plus one. Be sure to clean these daily! 

2. Add pheromone plug-ins/diffusers to several rooms in your home.

3. Keep your cat active by changing toys and weekly and providing catnip on occasion. 

One of the most important things you can do for your cats health is an annual exam with a veterinarian. We can keep track of your pets weight, discuss nutrition, monitor their  dental health, and much more! For some of you, the thought of bringing your cat to the vet is very daunting. We suggest bringing out the carrier a few days in advance or better yet leave the carrier accessible all the time! Perhaps even offer meals in the carrier to make it a comfortable safe haven. You can spray pheromone sprays in the carrier as well. Schedule your vets visit in advance with an appointment to cut down on wait times. Try to choose a quieter time of the week (i.e. Wednesday afternoons are usually pretty quiet at most vet clinics vs a Saturday morning). Speak to your vet about calming treats and sedatives if needed. 



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