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Current Cases: Caring for out pets as they age

Westbury Animal Hospital - Monday, October 28, 2013

As a pet myself, I rely heavily on my caretakers to assist me as I age and to be watchful of when my body decides to fail me so that I can receive the help I need. Often, as most animals do, we like to hide our illnesses and can live in chronic pain for years without telling anyone. 

It is inevitable that humans will likely care for their pets as they transition through all of life's stages. This includes, most importantly, the senior to geriatric phase. 

Sadie has been kind enough to let us share some of her story so that we can understand the importance pet owners can play in keeping us healthy, happy, and comfortable as we age. Sadie is lucky to have such amazing person's who care for her and monitor her closely. 

Sadie is an 11 year old dachshund who first came in because her human noticed she was drinking a lot more water than normal. This led down a long road where Sadie has been diagnosed with a condition called cushings (hyperadrenocorticism)--her body produces too much normal steroid hormones. She has also developed diabetes and blindness later on into her disease process. The development of her additional problems did not stop her loving family from offering her the additional assistance she needs to be healthy.

Today, Sadie is a very happy geriatric dog and enjoying life to its fullest. She has lived over a year with her chronic conditions and is still going. Sadie has a brother dachshund who helps her get around since she cannot see too well. Her parents continue to keep up on her medications, and monitor her closely to ensure she has a good quality of life. 

Sadie is also a great example of why it is so important to bring your pet in for yearly examinations. Since we hide our illnesses so well, your veterinarian can help detect underlying problems through examination as well as senior blood work. Catching diseases early will allow for better management and prognosis. Your pets will thank you!


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