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Annie's Shenanigans

Congratulations to Vanessa

Westbury Animal Hospital - Friday, March 14, 2014

Annie’s peers have made their selection! Congratulations to Vanessa Aguilar for winning Annie's Top Dawg Award for March!

Vanessa is a very deserving Top Dawg winner and has been a runner up for several months. Vanessa has been a very quiet and humble worker who does so much for the hospital that may go undetected.

Vanessa has been working at Westbury as a CSR for almost 8 years! She is the leader of our spirit committee and often gives us her time even when she is not supposed to be working that day. Vanessa is a great leader and works very hard to keep Westbury a place of happiness, celebration, and to give us a sense of community.

Vanessa is a great CSR, and always makes out clients feel welcome. She runs almost all of our special events with the help of the spirit team, ensures we have goodies when needed and will clean and set up the break room for all to enjoy. Vanessa has been very innovative in finding ways to keep us motivated and remembering work can be fun! 

Thank you Vanessa for going above and beyond for Westbury!


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