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Congratulations to Melissa

Westbury Animal Hospital - Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Congratulations to Melissa!

Melissa is one of a kind. She has been working hard as a veterinary technician at Westbury Animal Hospital since 2009. She especially flourishes as our in house laboratory technician as well as an assistant to Dr. Eckermann and to the pharmacy. 

Melissa has been nominated several times over the past few years and is a well deserving recipient. Melissa has trained the majority of the veterinary technicians hired at Westbury over the years; teaching them proper cytology, use of lab equipment, being an intermediary to lab companies, as well as proper client communication in the reporting of results and handling of specimens. She is well trained in the art of diagnostics and quality control. Thank you for passing on your knowledge Melissa!

Many of you may not know the importance laboratory diagnostics plays in the health of an animal, but ensuring all testing is conducted properly and timely can mean a big difference in an animal getting a diagnosis and treatment. She is always going above and beyond to maintain proper management of the lab (and I may be as bold to add that it may be one of the most consistently organized and efficient locations in the hospital)

Melissa is a wonderful co-worker and a pleasure to have at the hospital. Keep up the good work Melissa!


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