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Annie's Shenanigans

Congratulations to Maria

Westbury Animal Hospital - Thursday, May 01, 2014

Annie’s peers have made their selection! Congratulations to Maria!

Maria has been nominated this month by her peers for going above and beyond. Maria was nominated for several different things this month by different persons which proves she has excelled in many different areas.

Maria has been working at Westbury for a little more than 1 year as a technician.  Her peers believe she is deserving of this award for making good use of her time at work to completely revamp the dental suite. Thanks to her, the room is well organized and stocked, she has allowed for more space and allotted for the radiograph machine to reach both exam tables. She has implemented, and most importantly followed through with all dentals receiving before and after photographs of their teeth for owners visual education. 

Maria was also selected this month for her excellence with at home euthanasia. Maria has been willing to accompany most of the doctors to house calls. This can be a very emotional time for owners and Maria is very caring and efficient during this time to give owners comfort and support.

And yet another example! Maria, with the help of special mention, Bianca, have set up an exercise class for all the staff to keep us healthy and motivated! Way to go ladies!

Maria is a great example of how our staff can step outside their normal role, push the envelope to improve their role in the hospital. Maria saw how inefficient dental cleanings can be and chose to do something about it! She chose to put her time into helping clients in need of support and to improve the morale of staff with her exercise class.

Thank you Maria for going above and beyond for Westbuy!



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