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Congratulations Jeffrey

Westbury Animal Hospital - Monday, November 16, 2015

Congratulations to Jeffrey K!

Jeffrey is November’s Top Dawg Winner! 

 Jeffrey has been working hard as an Animal Care Taker at Westbury Animal Hospital for 14 months.

Jeffrey topped the scales this month with over 10nominations for the Top Dawg Award. He was nominated for saving the life of a boarder. Jeffrey brought the cat to the attention of the veterinarian on staff for noticing the pet was using the litterbox frequently. Upon closer inspection, Jeffrey noticed that this cat had not urinated in a long time and was actually straining to try to urinate in his litter box. This cat ended up having a urethral obstruction, an often fatal problem if left for too long.

Jeffrey was also nominated prior to this life saving rescue for his attention to detail, compassion, and hard work. Thank you for going above and beyond Jeffrey!


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