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Annie's Shenanigans

Annies Top Dawg Award Winner for July

Westbury Animal Hospital - Friday, July 05, 2013

Congratulations to Rachel!

Rachel is one of our veterinary technicians, specifically working in the intensive care unit at Westbury. She is a great example of all of the wonderful technicians at Westbury and a model of how hard they all work.

Rachel is well known for her 100% positive attitude. She is always willing to help and never hesitates to offer her assistance when she can. Her peers feel that Rachel is deserving of this award because she is a hard worker and is always very attentive of the animals in ICU. She knows what is going on with each animal, and will always be persistent in getting help when an animal is not doing well. If you ask Rachel a question about her “charges” she will either know exactly what is going on with them, or if she does not know she will go to all efforts to find out.

Rachel was also a great help in a case this month where a dog perforated his stomach and she picked up on subtle signs that he was not doing well. Her attention to detail may have saved this dogs life.


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