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Annie's Shenanigans

I saved a life

Westbury Animal Hospital - Monday, February 25, 2013

I got to save a life. Last week there was a small puppy that was brought in needing a blood transfusion. Unfortunately to a small puppy, a large amount of rat bait looked like a yummy snack and she was losing blood too fast.

One of the technicians came and gave me a small injection of sedation (it didn’t really work), but I sat still and let them draw a small amount of blood from my neck to give to the sick dog because I knew it was really important to save her quickly.

My blood was put in a small syringe with special additives called anticoagulants and then was slowly injected into the small sick puppy. 

After several hours in the hospital, the puppy was doing much better and able to go home on a medication to prevent more bleeding episodes!

You may well know that humans have different blood types….A, B, O…well, dogs are very similar but their blood types have different intials. Plus, dogs rarely have a reaction to a transfusion the first time they receive it. However, any time after that episode, their blood must be matched to prevent issues.  

After my donation I was allowed to eat a bunch of extra food. Man, I could volunteer to do this everyday!  


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